Studio Apparatus

Personal Training

Private sessions are the best way to study Pilates as you work on all the apparatus and have the teacher’s full attention.  Private sessions are designed entirely around your individual needs and goals.

Using the apparatus on an individual basis allows me to address your specific needs. It is an excellent introduction to the  method and allows you to build up the fundamental movements, to develop a better understanding of the system and your own body.

Reformer Equipment                 Classes

Reformer, mat, barrels, chairs, Cadillac

An equipment class is an excellent way to enjoy a full Pilate’s workout with friends or training partners. A full Reformer workout, learning the exercises and using the other studio equipment to enhance the work will give your body a complete and balanced workout and will keep you on track with your personal fitness goals.

Mat work levels

Beginners to Advanced

                 Mat Work

​In these classes you’ll continue to discover what’s so special about the Pilates method.  You'll repeat and practise these simple yet challenging exercises. From beginners to advanced the aim is to find and build on your 'powerhouse' to ensure you are finding the right muscles and working from the correct place. At each level new exercises wil be added in to create more challenge. We’ll introduce the magic circle and small hand weights to help you gain strength and flexibility. No matter what level you're currently at you’ll feel more energised and generally better.