I first came across Pilates in the late 1990s when out of interest I picked up a book and video.  After a few sessions with the video and reading most of the book I realised that teaching myself was not going to work. The book and the video went on the shelf.


Some 15 years later I was having some back issues when lifting and carrying. Lottie suggested I try Pilates with her teacher.  I was encouraged by the fact that Ryan Giggs put part of his longevity in the game down to Pilates and that Lottie’s teacher had at least one international rugby player visiting her. This Pilates stuff was clearly not just for women! 


The effect was pretty much immediate.  I felt taller and more flexible but most importantly stronger.  All that lifting, not a problem. Supported not only by the improved core strength but also a better understanding of how, when and what muscles to engage.   It helped my golf and running too.  People at work frequently noted how upright I sat, not slouched in front of a terminal.


I found the history of Pilates, the man and the system, fascinating.  The next step was obvious to become a teacher myself. In 2015 I started the BASI Mat Program and I ‘graduated’ in July 2016.  Not only did this course, with the numerous hours of teaching, observation and self-practice, qualify me as a teacher, it helped me to understand the system as a whole and to get much more out of Pilates for me and for my clients.