My experience of Pilates inspired me to train as a teacher. I had spent more than 30 years working in IT combining working full time with family life.  My "previous life", not just in IT, but as a Sports Massage Practitioner means I understand the stresses of a busy life and the effect this can have on the mind and body.  Initially working with a Teacher to rehabilitate after a car crash, I subsequently found Pilates to be a wonderful stress reliever and great for my posture after a busy working day.  


I fell in love with this system of exercise and decided to train as a teacher myself.  I began working with Amy Kellow, an internationally renowned second generation teacher who trained and worked with Jay Grimes. I completed my Comprehensive Certification and continue to train with Amy and attend workshops with some of the world's leading teacher trainers.

I am now enjoying my second career as a full-time Pilates teacher.

One of the great things about being a Pilates teacher is that the work never stops - I have found that my previous training as a Massage Therapist and my interest in Myofascial release helps me to understand my clients movement patterns and has added another dimension to my teaching.  I am always trying to increase my knowledge and experience so regularly attend courses and workshops. I have specialist qualifications in Pilates for neurological conditions and bone safe programming for Osteoporosis and Osteopenia.


I strive to ensure my classes and private sessions are challenging and fun!

I like to challenge my clients but not until I feel they understand the basics and can move safely and efficiently.