Benefits of Pilates & the Apparatus




Develops many aspects of physical fitness, strength, flexibility, coordination, speed, agility and endurance

Heightens body awareness and enhances body control

Teaches correct muscle activation

Corrects posture and alignment

Improves balance and proprioception

Focuses on breathing – taking full breaths

Promotes concentration and focus

Promotes relaxation and tension release

Benefits pre and post-natal women by providing safe, effective, non-impacting exercise

Serves as cross-training for sports of all kinds

For anybody - age is not a barrier


Matwork, Reformer, Private Training


Matwork - working in groups of no more than 8. An accessible and sociable way to experience the Pilates method of exercise.  We use the mats invented by Joseph Pilates. Thickly padded, to protect your spine, with poles at one end a strap at the other and the original moon boxes. 

They enable all the work to be experienced as it was intended, both strength and stretch in every exercise.

The Reformer – Classes of 3 or Duets working with a training partner.

One of the many pieces of apparatus that Joseph Pilates invented.  A frame, a moving carriage on wheels with straps, springs for resistance, a foot bar, box and pole to enable hundreds of different exercises that increase strength and flexibility in an incredibly supportive way. 


Just some of the things Reformer work can do for you - working with resistance to improve your posture, relieve back pain and stress, increase strength and stamina. 


The reformer is extremely versatile. Exercises can be done lying down, sitting or standing, training the body uniformly in many different ways.


All exercises promote length, strength, flexibility and balance from beginners to the most advanced.

Personal Training - Private or Semi-Private

Using all the studio apparatus working to individual goals, on your own or with a training partner allows you to experience the Pilates system at it's best.