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Classical Pilates in Watford

Pilotties Pilates offers small group mat and Reformer equipment classes and Private training sessions designed to improve your core stability, posture, strength, coordination and flexibility

Group Mat Classes                 

St. Matthews Church Hall

St Matthew's Close

Eastbury Road


WD19 4ST

By Rail: Nearest station is Bushey - 3 minutes walk.

Parking: Plenty of free parking outside the hall.

Private & Reformer Classes 

King Georges Avenue, WD18 7QD, West Watford Studio

By Rail: Nearest station is Watford Met. Line - 10 minute walk.

Parking: on the street. - permits not required.

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At Pilotties we offer a variety of training options.
All of these systems will build 
strength and flexibility helping to make you leaner, longer and stronger.

Age is not a barrier
Pilates for Men
Pilates for Men


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What Our Clients Say

I went to Loretta's classes to recover body strength after a huge weight loss and I can't believe how quickly I regain muscles but that's not all, within 5 sessions I also straightened my shoulders and hips and greatly improved my digestive system. My daily life as full time mum got seriously easier! Thank you to Pilates but also to Loretta who shows passion and dedication helping each of us individually reaching our potential without being pushy.


I've been doing a weekly class with Loretta now for over a year and a half and have found them really enjoyable with great tuition and personalised help. I'm still a beginner but am absolutely sure I'm improving and developing some core strength to help with some previous lower back issues. Would definitely recommend the classes, also the one to one apparatus sessions which are a real eye opener!


Dear Loretta,


I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say a huge thank you for all your help getting me and my back better! I am so lucky to have bumped into you when I was suffering with excruciating lower back pain and I can’t believe how far I have come and the improvement pilates has made to my everyday life and the job I do which involves a lot of heavy lifting.


I can’t recommend the one to one sessions enough. You took the time to established what was causing the pain and what exercises would help to get the back better. You personalise each session to what stage I am in my recovery and what I have going on in my life at the time so that I can build the appropriate core strength, it also keeps the sessions interesting and fun.


It did take 3 - 5 sessions to locate the lower abdomen muscles or any muscles but we finally got there!!


Your enthusiasm for pilates and helping your clients get better makes me want to do the best I can in your class.


As I said earlier I was very fortunate to meet you when I did.


Thank you Loretta and I wish you all the best with your business.


Kind regards,




p.s. I love your new studio it is like visiting a retreat every time.


Practising the Swan on the  Tower

What is it?

Pilates is a system of exercise - the lifetimes work of Joseph Pilates who died in 1967.

It is one of the only exercise programs that doesn't discriminate between weight, age, strength or flexibility.

Pilates targets the deep postural muscles, building strength from the inside out, rebalancing the body and bringing it into correct alignment.
It helps reshape your body, achieving the perfect balance between strength and flexibility and is a fabulous way to relieve stress and tension, as well as conquering back pain or injury.

With a focus on stability, mobility and controlled movement, Pilates helps people achieve efficient movement. This is good for those with injuries and those looking to maintain a healthy movement system. Pilates will allow you to challenge your personal capabilities whilst putting minimum strain on your body. Whether you are someone who has never exercised before or a fitness fanatic, you will reap the benefits.

Pilates in the 21st century remains a wonderful Method of exercise. A complete System taught either as mat or studio classes, privately or in groups.


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